guide to fabric weights

- similar to a lightweight cotton shirt
- fine for most quilting or craft projects
- probably too thin for napkins, aprons, or anything receiving heavy use

medium weight
- average thickness, fine for all items including quilts and clothing

deluxe weight
- better quality / thicker quilting-type fabric or a 60x60 type of cotton fabric
- suitable for clothing (including shirts and boxers)
- good for lightweight home decorating projects including shirr-on-rod curtains
- NOT suitable for upholstery work (covering chairs, sofas and the like)

light home decorating weight
      - heavier than quilting fabrics
      - "duck cloth" falls into this category

upholstery weight
      - includes tapestry fabrics and anything heavy enough to use for chairs or items
        which will receive heavy use

micro fleece -  a durable, lightweight fabric that dries quickly and traps heat as efficiently as wool.         Better than flannel or cotton, Fleece has many natural properties which help to make it one of           the more popular fabrics for winter and outdoor wear including soft, itch-free fibers, non-                    absorbent, lightweight, pill resistant and machine washable