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Fabrics by Blank Textiles

Please note that actual colors may vary due to differences in monitors.

Click on an image to see a larger picture, detailed description of the fabric, and price per yard.
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Magnolia Leaves on Green
teal swirls
Teal Swirly Vine
Teal Ribbons
ovarian cancer ribbons
Jade Leafy Vine
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Please note that we are not affiliated in any way with the Blank Quilting Company, though we do carry the selection of their fabrics pictured above. We invite you to visit their official website, www.blankquilting.com .

If you would like us to special order a full bolt of any Blank Quilting fabric for you, we will be happy to do so. Bolts are usually 15 yards in length (though they can vary a couple of yards either way). We can only order fabrics which are current (still in production, not out-of-print).

If you would like us to order a fabric which we do not carry, you must provide us with the pattern number (which is usually printed on the selvedge). Since many fabrics come in more than one colorway, we will also need to know the color number (usually refers to the background color). Sorry, but we are unable to identify a fabric without the pattern number!

Important: if we are special ordering a print that we do not carry, you must commit to purchasing the entire bolt, with the understanding that we never know exactly how many yards will be on the bolt until we have it in our hands!
Delicate Leaves
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